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CanopiesCanopies are the main product at Shelters of America, but the product itself isn’t uniform. In general, such a structure is made from a galvanized steel frame and a polyethylene canopy. The canopy is treated to be waterproof and UV resistant, as well as to be mildew and mold resistant. Such structures can be used in place of a brick-and-mortar garage and, as an asset, can be expanded over time to accommodate your storage needs. As nearly anything can be kept in such shelters, some are more specific, such as RV and boat canopies for seasonal vehicle storage, and others, such as tractor canopies, to store farm equipment. Designed in a number of sizes and shapes, these basic structures can be adjusted for your specific needs.

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Valance and enclosed canopies are two of the basic types available. For the former, these are usually seen as carport canopies, with a roof but no side walls. Like a carport, these are used for storage of cars and any other everyday vehicles like motorcycles. But, if you need full coverage, the latter is another option. In peaked and rounded shapes, such enclosed canopies are used for seasonal vehicles, farm equipment, run-in sheds for livestock, and portable greenhouses.

As far as seasonal vehicles are concerned, canopy shelters are made in specific sizes to accommodate them. Canopies for boats, for example, are designed in smaller sizes to fit the width of a boat, although the same type of vehicle can be stored with ordinary car canopies, and RVs, similarly, have taller and longer shelters. Farm equipment, additionally, is also stored by such shelters and tractor canopies are even shaped like barns and have a larger door for equipment. Whether you need individual use or commercial canopies, a specific style, design, and size can be found through Shelters of America.

These heavy duty canopies aren’t the only ones on the market. Other products bearing the name “canopies” are temporary shelters called pop-up canopies. These structures are made of a powder coated steel frame and a polyester canopy that has been treated to be UV resistant and waterproof. These pop-up canopies are designed to be taken anywhere, folded up and put in the trunk of a car to take to the beach, a trade show, or a flea market. Such shelters are easy to set up, hence the “pop up” name, and can be taken down just as quick when the shade is no longer needed.


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