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Carport Parts

Carport PartsWe understand how excited you were to receive your new carport. That being said, we know how frustrating it can be when it comes time to order a replacement part or needed accessory. We want you to get the most out of your carport, and the last thing we want is your carport sitting unused, waiting for repairs. That is why we carry plenty of carport parts and accessories, so you can repair or expand your carport whenever needed! Check out some of the parts and accessories we have available at SheltersofAmerica.com.

For any and all placement issues, check out our concrete-wood mounting foot. This mounting foot allows you to safely and securely mount your carport to any concrete or wood surface. If you have had a problem keeping your carport secure on your wood or concrete surface, then this is exactly the part you need. Without properly securing your carport, you run the risk of future damages caused by inclimate weather. Secure your carport to a wood or concrete surface today.

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Perhaps you have an anchoring problem, but your carport doesn't rest on a concrete or wood surface. Not a problem, because SheltersofAmerica.com also offers Auger Anchors to secure your shelter to any type of terrain. Our heavy duty anchors are great for grass, dirt, and clay alike. If you need something to hold that shelter in place, our Auger Anchor is the part to do it.

As unbelievably strong as our carport covers are, sometimes tarps and liners can become ripped or damaged. When this happens, rest assured that you don't have to purchase an entirely new cover or liner to fix the problem. Simply purchase our Premium Repair Tape. To repair fabric and tarp shelters, choose our repair tape made of tough alloy film. This tape will repair your polyethylene cover or liner to create an airtight, vapor-tight, and watertight seal. This is the most cost effective option to repairing wear and tear on your shelter or carport cover.


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