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Portable Sheds

Portable ShedsHave you ever needed shelter and storage space on your property but don’t have a brick-and-mortar garage? Adding a portable shed is an option that many consider. Portable sheds are made from a galvanized steel frame and a heavy-duty polyethylene canopy. The canopy can serve as the roof of the shelter and, for fully-enclosed ones, the sides and doors, as well. As these shelters come in a variety of sizes, one can be installed to the rear or side of your property to protect various investments ranging from cars and seasonal vehicles to tools and livestock.

Vehicle storage is one of the primary uses for portable sheds. As these structures come in several sizes, one can be as small as a single car or large enough to fit six cars inside. In all cases, a portable shed should be installed in the ground by your house – in back, on the side, or in a location compliant with local building codes – and will protect your vehicle much like a carport will. Find a portable shed that is as large as your primary vehicle or the amount that you need protected and install it on your property.

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Aside from everyday vehicles like cars and motorcycles, seasonal vehicles are also benefitted by portable sheds. When the structure has full coverage, a vehicle inside can be protected for several months. Boats and RVs are seasonal vehicles commonly needing such storage, and the portable shed should be large enough to accommodate either, with some extra room inside. All portable garages and sheds storing seasonal vehicles should be checked often to make sure that no animals are living inside and that the vehicle is in good condition.

In addition to protecting vehicles, portable sheds can store many other investments. These shelters are used often on farms as portable livestock or cattle sheds, in which the horses or cattle use the structure as shelter during the day. The shed, with enough coverage, can be used long-term for such uses, however. Additionally, these structures are often used to house farm equipment and hay.


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