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Portable Garage



5 Tips for Creating a Summer Project Space with a Carport

portable garageThe boat’s out, and your car’s not taking up as much space. So, naturally, it makes sense to use the leftover area in your carport to carve out a niche for making repairs and starting projects.

You’d do the same in a brick-and-mortar garage. As a result, even though you’re dealing with a portable shelter, you have to keep the same expectations in mind: Enough room to move and store whatever it is you’re working on and, preferably, you’ll have room to keep your supplies, too.

So, as the weather warms up, consider these tips when creating a project space inside your carport:

1. Give Yourself Enough Room

To do this, take a tally of everything you’ll need on a basic level. A table or work bench becomes a necessity. Then, so the area’s a bit safer, consider allotting some square feet to a non-slip mat for standing, especially if you’ll be dealing with paints or oil. After, make sure you can still move freely inside the shelter.

2. Give Yourself Ventilation

Speaking of paint, will your shelter offer enough ventilation? If you own a valance-style carport, this is really a no-brainer. However, if your structure veers more toward an enclosed format, either modify it with a vent, or prepare to roll the side walls up.

3. Give Yourself a Light Source

Even when natural light’s around you, the interior of a carport can be somewhat dark. When you need to see the details, consider equipping your work area with a portable, battery-powered lamp that will shine a light exactly where you need it.

4. Add a Power Source

Planning to use power tools of some kind? Unless you also have a set of cordless tools on hand, they’ll need a power source. In this instance, consider bringing out a generator to your carport, or using an extension cord from your home to the shelter.

5. Create a Storage Space

Projects typically involve more than one day of work, and if it’s particularly complex, you might even allot a whole summer to getting it done. As a result, instead of lugging your supplies out to the carport each day, create a storage space inside. Depending upon the project at hand, you might want to set up a shelf, a few bins, or even a hanging wall.

Of course, before you even set up a shelter, make sure you have a sturdy carport at home. For finding the right match, browse Shelters of America today.


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