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Five Tips to Modify a Steel Carport for Winter

steel carportWith the arrival of winter, you may have to deal with snow removal on your sidewalks and driveway. If you have a steel carport, your car will be protected, because it gives you a secure place to enter and exit your vehicle and prevents snow and ice from building up.

But heavy snow can damage your steel carport, causing it to sag. In the worst case scenario, heavy snow could cause your carport to collapse, dumping snow, shingles, and other material on your car.

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There are precautions you can take to protect your steel carport and car from harsh winter weather. Here are some tips to modify a steel carport for winter:

  1. Once the snow starts to fall, remove it from your steel carport with a roof rake. Shovel a path around your carport and pull the snow down. If your carport has an angled roof, much of the snow will fall to the ground on its own.
  2. If your carport has drain channels or gutters, you can clean them out to prevent debris from causing a blockage that prevents snow and ice precipitation from running back into the ground.
  3. Round and barn style steel carports allow snow to fall off more easily, and barn styles have more roof supports in the frame. Reduced rafter spacing of 3' rather than the standard 4' can make the frames stronger.
  4. Side extensions can be added to your steel carport to provide added side protection. They attach to the carport below the roof overhang and can help protect damage to your car from falling snow.
  5. Gable enclosure kits turn a standard steel carport into a fully enclosed shelter. They modify a carport to provide protection from all winter elements. Snow, wind, and ice will not be able to damage anything inside the carport. The kit will include framing, sheet metal, screws, and vinyl trim to make the transformation complete.

You steel carport features a steel frame and metal roof that provides protection from the sun's UV rays and water. Once your carport is modified with side extensions and a gable enclosure kit, it will be able to withstand the brunt of harsh winter weather and protect your car, boat, and other vehicles from snow and ice.

Look online for carport providers that offer galvanized steel carports that provide triple layer protection (zinc, conversion coating, and a clear organic topcoat) that is unmatched in strength and durability and provides year round weather protection.


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