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Portable Garage



4 of the Most Common Portable Garage Problems

portable garage

You expect a portable garage to thoroughly protect your investment. Yet, as is the case with all structures, issues can arise. Here, we outline some of the most common existing concerns for shelters with a steel frame and polyethylene top:

1. The Canopy Becomes Loose

You might wonder why your canopy’s blowing in the breeze when you installed it correctly with the shelter.

At this point, there’s a main reason this could be happening: The canopy wasn’t attached sufficiently and has started to come off. Those who regularly take down and set up a portable garage may experience this problem.

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When this occurs, check to see that everything has been tied down and attached, or consider adding a bar spreader to the shelter.

2. Supports Become Bent

When one of the bars or posts holding up your portable garage becomes damaged, the entire shelter gets compromised. Usually, this occurs from weather, such as high winds blowing over the shelter, or too much snow weighing it down.

While having a portable garage rated for high winds and heavy snow drastically reduces this issue, it continues to remain, especially if you don’t have an effective snow removal plan in place. Instead, after a storm passes, brush off all precipitation.

When you do find a bent post, examine the full shelter to determine the degree of damage. Then, order replacement parts to fix the structure.

3. Condensation

Water leads to a range of damage, from dry rot and mold to rust on the shelter’s frame. This occurs because of a significant temperature difference between the shelter’s interior and the climate outside, and while you can’t always change this factor, you can add ventilation, which allows moisture to escape.

4. Holes in the Canopy

Age and damage related to weather may create holes in your canopy, and in many instances, you can repair these tears with a patch kit.

Sold through portable garage dealers like Shelters of America, these kits include materials for cutting out a sheet just larger than the hole or slit, and adhesive or a similar material for attaching it to the canopy. When damage happens, repairing it extends the life of your shelter, allowing you to get more use out of it.

Whether you’re looking for snow load structures or replacement covers, turn to us for all storage needs. Browse our store today to find the best match or to get the right replacement parts.


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