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Engineered Truss Buildings
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Anchors And Accessories
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Portable Garage



Four Ways Portable Garages Benefit a Farm

Farm BuildingsPortable garages are great for protecting vehicles and storing boats when they're not in the water, but besides that what else are they good for? There is no way they could benefit your busy and fast growing farm… or could they? Is there any way you could use them to your advantage?

Portable Garages as Animal Shelters – For cattle and equestrian farms, take advantage of portable garage buildings, as they can provide immediate shelter for your grazing animals. How often does an un-forecasted storm come ripping through your property while your animals are out in the field? When this happens, you don't have time to get your animals inside the barn, and more often than not, they're left out to brave the weather. If you place a portable animal shelter out in the fields, you won't ever have to worry about your animals getting caught in the rain again.

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Equipment and Machinery Storage – Your farm is growing and you're slowly running out of places to store your equipment, hay, machinery, and tools. With a lack of storage, everything is becoming very disorganized, which is making daily tasks tedious. Said inefficiency caused by disorganization can harm your farm, so why not solve the problem with a portable garage? Building a new barn or other permanent structure can be costly, time consuming, and physically strenuous. Why not skip the barn-raising process and simply use a portable garage to store all of your tools, hay or other crops, equipment, and machinery? If a portable garage is strong enough to protect cars, boats, and RVs, then it's strong enough to protect your farming equipment, too.

Storage BuildingsStorage for Feed – If you have a lot of animals on your farm, then we're sure you're storing a lot of feed. Feed can become increasingly difficult to store and organize, so why not use a generously-sized portable garage as your feed building? With the arrival of each new farm animal, you're going to need more and more feed. The more available space you have, the better.

Greenhouses – Let's say that your farm is largely agricultural. Portable garages double as excellent greenhouses and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose between a small greenhouse shelter and a commercial-sized one. Your needs will always be covered, and your plants will always be thriving.

As you can see, portable garages aren't just for sheltering boats, cars, RVs, and other vehicles. They're also great for farm related applications. Whatever your need is, whether for storage or for extra greenhouse room, a portable garage can get the job done.


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