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How a Carport Can Protect Your Vehicle Through all Four Seasons

rv carportMany people think about getting or setting up their carports to protect their vehicles during the winter. What we want to know is why you wouldn't park your car under a carport all year 'round? Carports will protect your car no matter what season and, in our opinion, should be used throughout all four seasons.

Winter Let's start with winter, the season you probably deem most worthy of a carport. If you park your car under a carport, you will actively protect it from snow, hail, and ice damage. Plus, when it storms, you won't have to dig out your entire vehicle just clear the area in front of your carport and drive out! Storing your car in a carport will protect your car and expedite your morning routine. But of course you already knew that. Let's talk about how your carport can protect your car during other seasons of the year.

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Spring Heavy rain and lots of mud sound like spring. So, protect your car from the dirt and grime by keeping in its carport long after the snow has receded. Springtime showers, mucky driveways, and debris from trees wrecked by winter storms can all be a threat to your vehicle. Better keep your vehicle in its covered shelter a bit longer.

rv carportSummer It's summer! The birds are chirping, the pool is open, the kids are out of school, and you're getting ready to break down your carport. Wait, before you do, you should know that the summer season can still harm your car. Harmful UV rays can sunburn your cars paint, acid rain can eat away at the finish, and changes in temperature and humidity can promote rust! Plus, all the neighborhood kids are out putting your car at risk of baseballs, bicycles, hula-hoops, scooters, and more. And now that Fido is out in the yard more often, you'd better hope he doesn't drag a stick down the side of your car! On second thought, maybe you should leave your car right where it is under the protection of your dependable carport.

Fall Ah, the arrival of autumn; the kids are back in school, the sun has retreated some, and the weather is cool and dry. Can you take your car out of your carport now? Better not. While you don't have to worry about unruly kids, playful pups, UV rays, or acid rain, you do have a new problem leaves. As the leaves change color and fall away from their branches, they will fall wherever the wind takes them, and that could mean all over your car. Leaves can stick to your vehicle for days and even weeks! Leave your vehicle under your carport to keep it clean and leaf free. As beautiful as the fall colors are, you don't want to decorate your vehicle with them.


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