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How to Anchor a Portable Garage

Portable GarageStabilizing a portable garage is incredibly important, and there are many, many ways of doing so. One of the best and most reliable ways of stabilizing a portable garage is through the use of anchors. Having said that, there are many anchoring options available, but sometimes it can be difficult to tell which option is best. Keep reading to find out which anchors should be used on your portable garage and which should not.

Asphalt If your portable garage is sitting on some type of asphalt or road tar, then you need to make sure you buy anchors that are made to hook into an asphalt surface. Anchors made to grip dirt aren't going to do you much good if you use them on asphalt. Having said this, make sure you invest into some anchors that are specifically made for cement slabs and driveways. These anchors are tough, secure, and heavy duty. They feature holes for drilling the anchor foot into the asphalt; this way, the shelter won't move even in the windiest conditions. Asphalt is a tough material to secure a portable garage to, so make sure you have the proper equipment; this includes purchasing the right anchors.

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Dirt and Grass On the other hand, if you're looking to secure your portable garage to an earthy surface like dirt or grass, make sure you get an earth anchor. Earth anchors are great because they can be pushed deep into the ground easily and quickly, and yet they deliver stability and security. Simply set them with a drive and steel. These anchors are easy to place, and you don't need any hoes, shovels, or spades to get them deep into the ground. Also important: They are safe and environmentally sensitive.

Heavy-Duty Portable Garages If you have an extra large, heavy-duty portable garage that you're afraid won't be secured by the average anchor, check out heavy-duty, auger anchors. Heavy-duty auger anchors are good for large, top-heavy portable garages that need a little more security. Augers have jaw-to-jaw turnbuckles that are much stronger than other anchors. They are ideal for grass and dirt surfaces, but you can find specialized augers that will work on asphalt, as well.

We recommend going to your portable garage dealer to find anchors for your portable garage. Purchasing anchors where you purchased the garage will help you find the right tools and accessories perfect for your garage.


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