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How to Enclose a Valance Carport

Valance CarportThe open, four-sided design of valance carports makes them extremely convenient, merging high-quality shelter with efficiency and ease of access. But when certain items, be it a boat, RV, or equipment used only seasonally, need to be kept away from the outdoors for several months at a time, greater coverage becomes a necessity.

Enclosing a valance carport, then, gives your investments the right amount of coverage from damaging UV rays and water. Kits with all side walls and doors may be found through canopy and portable garage dealers, but knowing the specific dimensions and having the right parts ensure the procedure goes smoothly and as planned.

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Do you know the precise dimensions of your carport? Chances are, particularly if you purchased the structure years ago, only an approximation crosses your mind. When it comes to purchasing all walls and doors to enclose a canopy, approximation isn't close enough. To ensure the fit is exact, measure each wall and door to determine the precise amount of square feet needed.

Purchasing a Kit

Valance CarportOnce you know how large each side panel and door should be, seek out a kit. Retailers often carry full kits corresponding to a particular shelter, such as all components needed to enclose a peak-style commercial carport with a 12-inch valance overhang. If you find such a kit that matches your dimensions, all you need to do is order.

On the other hand, if a kit doesn't correspond to the exact style and type of shelter you own, what can you do? At this point, the dimensions you took down assist in finding a similarly-designed enclosure kit.

If a kit offers a choice of features, such as rollup or zipper doors or clear-view instead of standard panels, weigh the benefits of each before you buy. For instance, a rollup door offers greater convenience if you plan to move investments and vehicles in and out on occasion while in storage.


After an enclosure kit arrives, installing it to the metal frame is fairly straightforward assuming you have the right supplies on hand. Just like the canopy attached to the roof portion of the shelter, sidewalls and rollup or zipper doors all require bungee cords or ratchet straps to attach and stay in place. Bungee cords or ratchet straps go through the grommets to effectively attach each part to the steel frame.

Even after all panels and doors are attached, the structure isn't ready yet for storage. If condensation concerns you, add ridge vents to the enclosed carport before you move any investments inside.


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