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How to Protect Your Automobile During the Summer

Summer Car StorageWinter is finally over, and you've decided to break down your portable carport. Why on earth would you do that? Sure, the threat of ice, snow, and blistering winds are no longer an issue, but have you considered that summer might be just as damaging to your vehicle as winter? Trust us when we say that you should keep your carport erected all year round. Here is how a carport can protect your automobile during the summer.

UV Rays Everyone knows that UV rays can wreck havoc on your skin; well, did you know that they can also harm the paint on your car? It's true: UV rays can actually sunburn your car, and it happens all too often. UV rays cause the paint to oxidize, a process that makes the paint fade and eventually turn white. Have you ever seen a white powdery film developing on the paint of some cars? This is also a side effect of the oxidation process. To protect your car from sun damage, keep parking her underneath a portable car shelter.

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Rain Damage Good news, it's raining! Now your car will get a nice, well-deserved bath! But, think again. Sure, the rain might knock off some of that loose dirt and pollen, but at the same time that it's doing that, it is also eating away at your paint! Toxins and chemicals commonly found in rain particles, also known as acid rain, are incredibly damaging to automobiles. Acid rain can slowly dissolve paint over time, a process that is expedited every time your car air dries. Since water can dissolve more substances than any other liquid, your car should be toweled down every time it gets wet. Letting your car air dry after a rain storm gives acid rain more time to eat away at the paint. To prevent your car from getting wet, park it under a portable carport.

Bird Droppings and Tree Sap No one likes to find a trail of bird droppings running down the side of his or her vehicle; however, did you know that bird droppings and sap from trees can also damage your paint? Both tree sap and bird droppings contain compounds that eat away at car paint and can ruin the aesthetics of your car. So, if you thought you could prevent damage by acid rain and UV radiation simply by parking your car under a tree, think again. The only way to protect your car from wind, rain, the sun, bird droppings, and tree sap is to park it underneath a portable car shelter.


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