Portable garages are designed to be durable and functional, but accessories can make them better suited to your specific needs. Shelters of America sells several types of accessories that can be used in conjunction with one of our portable storage buildings.

Insulated Door

A Plyco insulated door is easy to install and maintain and can improve the appearance of your portable garage. A polyethylene foam core provides superior insulation and is made with a unique process that minimizes wear and tear. 

Ventilation Kit

Our 12” x 12” ventilation kits can be installed in both the front and back panels of your portable shelter. They can allow you to control the amount of airflow and humidity inside the storage building. Our kits have heat-sensitive springs that allow them to automatically open and close the vents in response to the outdoor temperature. 

Roll-Up Door Kits

Our Easy Roll-Up Door Kits can be used on shelters of any size to stop a door in any position. The kits are easy to install in as little as 10 minutes, and the parts are weather-resistant, which can prevent them from getting jammed due to freezing or rust. 

We also offer ShelterLogic® Pull-Eaze™ Roll-up Door Kits that can allow you to access the inside of your portable garage with a single pull. These kits are made with galvanized U.S. steel and have a fully integrated steel pulley system. They can be used with any of our shelters with zippered doors and, unlike some other units, they don’t have to be filled with sand.

If you choose a portable garage with a zipper in a high location that’s difficult to reach, you will find our EZ Zip Up Kit useful. It can allow you to easily reach the zipper without having to climb a ladder.


Your portable garage must be securely anchored so it doesn’t blow away or fall down in strong winds. Our Auger Anchor Kit includes a 30” ground anchor and a U-bolt that attaches to the frame. A 3-inch diameter disc at the bottom screws into the ground. This kit is ideal for grass, sand, loose soil, and gravel.

Our Easy Hook Anchor Assembly Kit is suitable for dirt, grass, asphalt, and gravel. The kit includes a driving rod, anchor, cable, and clamp that attaches to the frame. If your soil is rocky or the ground has lots of tree roots, this kit is a better choice than an Auger Anchor Kit. 

If you have to secure your portable garage to a wood or concrete surface, our Heavy-Duty Base Plates are up to the task. They have pre-drilled fastening holes for easy installation.

Order Accessories for Your Portable Garage

A portable storage building can make life easier, and the right accessories can make it even better. If you need to increase insulation, improve ventilation, or make your portable garage easier to open and close or more secure, order accessories from Shelters of America today.