Now that spring is here and the weather has turned warmer, you’re probably thinking about ways to spruce up your yard. If you have not yet planted a garden, here are some ideas to inspire and guide you.

Choose Plants Based on Where You Live

Before you decide what types of flowers or vegetables to plant in your garden, you have to consider the climate in your region and identify plants that can thrive in those conditions. Refer to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s plant hardiness zone guide to find information on the types of plants that are most likely to do well in the region where you live. That can help you avoid wasting time and money and be confident that your garden will yield the lush flowers or delicious vegetables that you’re hoping for.

Consider Starting Plants in a Greenhouse

If you’re going to be growing plants from seeds and you want to give them the best possible chance of thriving, you might want to begin raising them in a greenhouse. That will allow you to carefully control the temperature and humidity so the plants can get off to a strong start. Once they have become established, you can transfer them to your garden.

Control the Amount of Sunlight

Plants need sunlight to grow, but too much can cause them to wilt and die. If your garden area gets direct sunlight for several hours each day and you’re concerned that that might be too much sun for the species that you’re planting, setting up a canopy is a simple solution. It will shield your garden from direct sunlight while still letting your flowers or vegetables soak up plenty of rays that enter from the sides.

Store Your Tools and Supplies in a Shed

It’s important to keep your garden tools and supplies organized, clean and safe from animals, insects, and weather. A shed can provide the protection that you need and make it easy to keep everything you use in your garden organized so that you’ll be able to quickly find things when you need them.

Order a Greenhouse, Canopy, or Shed for Your Garden

Shelters of America sells a variety of structures that can help your garden thrive. You can choose a greenhouse to start plants, a canopy to protect your garden from harsh sunlight, or a shed to keep your tools and supplies safe and organized. We offer these types of structures in a range of sizes. Find the one that will best suit your needs and place an order today.