We know what you’re thinking: What could be more important than football? But there is something that you absolutely must do this winter if you want to keep peace of mind and your prized possessions protected. 

That’s why we say it’s even more important than watching the 54th Super Bowl game which most of the nation will be tuning in to watch. And that is: clear the snow off of your portable shelter. You read that right. If you own a portable garage or other shelter and use it to store your boat, RV, motorcycle or other important toys, then you know how important the contents it’s holding are.

Would you want them to become unnecessarily damaged and unusable come spring? Didn’t think so. So how do you stop the potential catastrophe from even occurring? You set aside important time to clear and inspect the portable shelter all winter. Even if it has to happen at half time. This isn’t up for negotiation.

Here’s why.

Keeping snow and ice off your shelter during the winter. Will keep it from wearing the cover down and putting the integrity of the cover at risk. If you’ve purchased a quality portable garage you likely don’t have to think about it throughout the seasons but with the kind of ice and snow we get here in CT, it’s worth giving it the extra eye.

If you discover that your portable shelter cover is torn or compromised you can purchase better quality, longer-lasting cover kits. These come with 14.5oz PVC Industrial Material: 10 Year Manufacturer Pro-Rated Warranty 21.5oz PVC Ultra-Duty Material: 15 Year Manufacturer Pro-Rated Warranty! SHOP TODAY!