If you need a place to protect a vehicle from harsh weather and other hazards, you can choose a temporary or permanent storage solution. Each has its pros and cons. Carefully weigh your options before you decide.

Benefits of Permanent Storage

Most vehicle owners think of permanent storage as the most practical solution. Keeping a car, truck, or SUV in a garage can shield it from rain, snow, and strong winds and keep animals away. If you have space in a traditional garage, keeping your vehicle there may be the most logical choice.

If you don’t currently have a garage, or if you don’t have enough space to accommodate a car or truck because your garage is already filled with other vehicles or equipment, you may be thinking about building a garage or expanding your existing one. That type of project will have a significant upfront cost, but it can increase your home’s value. Building a permanent garage may be the right choice if you plan to stay in your home for at least the next several years.

Benefits of a Temporary Storage Shelter

Maybe you need a place to keep one or more vehicles safe, but you don’t have room in a garage, and you can’t or don’t want to build or expand a permanent structure. Perhaps you don’t have enough money to pay for such a project or you plan to move relatively soon and don’t want to make a large financial investment. In that case, buying a portable garage may be a good alternative.

A temporary building can also be a wise choice if you aren’t sure which location would be best for storage. A portable shelter can easily be moved if you discover that the site you initially chose is unsuitable for some reason.

Order a Temporary Storage Building

Shelters of America sells portable storage buildings in a variety of sizes, heights, and designs to accommodate all sorts of vehicles, including cars, trucks, boats, and RVs. You can purchase a shelter that’s designed for a single vehicle or one that’s large enough to comfortably fit two.

Our shelters can be set up on a variety of surfaces, including dirt, sand, grass, and gravel. We offer anchor kits that can keep your storage building secure, no matter where you decide to put it. If you realize that the location you selected is less than ideal, you’ll be able to quickly and easily move the shelter to a better spot.

A temporary shelter costs much less than you would have to pay to build or expand a permanent garage. You can also have a portable storage building set up in a fraction of the time. Look through our selection of temporary vehicle storage shelters and order one today.