There are so many reasons to choose a carport for your backyard over building a garage.

Let’s review a few of the standard benefits:

Improved Protection: One of the biggest selling points of a carport is that it can be used to protect your vehicles and other items you choose to store there from the elements. Without any protection, those items will be prone to chips, breaks, wear and tear from rain, sun and even flying debris. 

Lower Cost: Carports are also a far more economical option than having to break ground and build an entire garage. The savings are in the thousands when you compare costs. 

Versatility: The other terrific thing about a carport is that it doesn't just have to have one use. Instead of being limited to storing your junk or a car underneath it, you can use it as a covered space for an outdoor gathering, as a pavilion, for a picnic and even for an outdoor workspace with some shade! 

If you’re thinking about getting a carport and wondering about having to get a permit to erect it in your yard, it’s important that you check with local and state guidelines. In some cases, even if the carport is not attached to a building or dug deep into the ground, then it might not require a permit. However, there are many towns that do still request a building permit be secured to ensure it is erected in accordance to laws. 

You can also check your town government website for answers on what type of permit you need if any for your carport. 

Once you’ve checked with the rulings in your area, head over to Shelters of America! We carry canopies and pop-up carport shelters in a wide variety of colors and sizes for all-purposes Water-repellent polyester fabric helps to protect against harmful UV rays and mildew. Tand some models feature screen inserts so you can repel insects and mosquitoes when camping, hiking or enjoying a simple backyard barbecue!