One of the toughest types of portable garages to find are the ones that are durable enough to withstand extreme elements. It’s important when dealing with severe winter weather and heavy snow loads to choose a portable shelter that is made with structurally sound materials and that is setup in a way that properly distributes weight. Of course you should also consider the type of cover you’ll use and how strong the material is to also withstand the load. 


Here are our top tips for buying a portable shelter that will support large snow loads. 

The Frame Matters

You simply cannot choose the lowest cost option on the market and think it will do the same job. Especially when dealing with these weather conditions. If you’re truly concerned with protecting the items stored in your portable shelter then always consider the type of framing. The style and material will make a big difference between a flimsy cover that knocks over when the winds get fierce and a shelter that withstands even the heaviest of winter storms. Look for Galvanized steel frames to ensure true All-Weather protection from sun, wind, rain, ice and snow. Shelters of America uses top quality steel that undergoes a hot dipped galvanization process, making it impervious to rust and corrosion.

Choose Polyethylene Covers

Even a strong frame isn’t enough to keep the contents of your portable shelter safe. You must also think about the material used to cover it. What good is a strong frame if the weight of snow or a debris can easily tear through the material? You should choose an option like Shelters of America that provides durable layered Polyethylene with a special rip stop material for the longest possible durability. 

Consider an Enclosure Kit

If your shelter is strong and rated to withstand extreme weather, you may still want to consider getting an enclosure kit or upgrading to a portable shelter that has both from and back panels. These can be solid or easily zippered on and they go a long way in adding more security to the structure and keeping anything unwanted out of the structure.