Automobiles are one of the most important possessions we have today. They are the way we get to work, school, important doctors’ appointments, and complete errands on the weekend. If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of having your car in the shop, then you know just how difficult days can be without reliable transportation. For this reason, many of us also love our cars and take the best care of them possible.

Whether you’re a car aficionado or you just want your investment in a vehicle to last you as long as possible, one thing is absolutely necessary to get right and that is how you store your car. Garages are accommodating because they give you an easy place to drive up to and protect the car from theft and the elements. But not everyone has this luxury and some of us are using the garage for other things- like storage or a man cave.

Luckily, portable shelters exist that make protect cars possible, without having to break the bank or build a whole new structure.

Here are some options for protecting your car with a portable shelter.

Portable Tarp-style Garage

Quickly and easily set-up a shelter on your property as big as you need it. These can be added virtually anywhere (check permits in your town if required). They are durable, all-steel frames and the fabric if made of reliable polyethylene that resists tears and wear.


A carport is another option. While not fully enclosed, the canopy style of these portable shelters still offers shade and protection from the elements head-on. These also come in a number of sizes and can fit multiple cars underneath them. The other great thing is they also double as a covered outdoor area when not in use. That means those summer parties your backyard don’t need to be canceled if small rain showers are in the forecast!

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