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Since portable garages can be exposed to all sorts of extreme weather, they come with covers that are built to be durable and long-lasting. The polyethylene is resistant to tearing from blowing objects and animals, and it’s also designed to resist damage from the sun’s UV rays and from moisture. 

Still, several years of exposure to the elements, a severe storm, or an accident can cause damage. If that occurs, you won’t necessarily have to replace your entire portable garage. You may be able to simply order a new cover.

Signs That You Should Replace Your Portable Garage’s Cover

You should periodically inspect your shelter’s cover for signs of damage. Tears may be hard to spot, at least at first. A small tear may grow larger over time, especially if animals discover it. They may chew and scratch at the area to enlarge the gap so they can get into the portable garage.

It’s also a good idea to check your storage building after a storm. Strong winds can blow tree branches, stones, and other objects at the shelter. Even though covers are made to be tough, the material can get ripped if the building is hit by a heavy, flying object. Also, if several inches of snow pile up on the roof of your portable garage and you don’t remove the snow promptly, it may damage the cover or cause existing damage to get worse.

What Is Included in a Replacement Cover Kit

Shelters of America sells replacement cover kits that include the main cover, zippered end panel, and solid rear panel, as well as new ratchet hardware to install the cover. It’s important to note that a new frame is not included. If your storage building’s frame has been damaged, you will have to purchase a whole new shelter.

The replacement cover kits that we offer are manufactured by ShelterLogic. These are of better quality and last longer than those that many other companies offer. The 14.5 oz. PVC industrial material comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s pro-rated warranty.

Replacement Cover Kits Are on Sale NOW!

Shelters of America is offering replacement cover kits at discounted prices this spring. Now that winter is over, give your portable garage a careful inspection. If you note signs of damage or significant wear and tear, order a new cover while we’re running this promotion. That will let you have confidence that your portable garage will be able to provide your possessions with the protection they need for years to come!