Just about everyone today is spending more time at home. Due to the current pandemic and stay at home orders, many of us have found ourselves finally clearing years of clutter, improving our backyard space, and finding new ways to spend our time.

If you’re looking for a storage option or need a way to protect that new equipment you splurged on, look no further than portable shelters. Metal carports are a sturdy, practical, and very versatile option.

Here are 3 ways to get use out of your investment.

1.      Outdoor Storage

One of the top reasons to invest in a carport for your yard is for storage purposes. Not only does it just look neater when everything is arranged in one location and the rest of the yard can be used for relaxation and activities, but it also stops the elements from doing any damage.

2.      Weather Protection

Sure your lawnmower or a leaf blower are made to be outdoors but it doesn’t mean that constant rain or the hot sun hitting it won’t break it. The same is true for that bike, car, or other outdoor accessories you might have. Save time, frustration, money and space in your attached garage (if you even have one) with a metal carport for storage instead.


3.      Work & Recreation Space

If you don’t like the look of storage in your yard or don’t have anything to store, but still want to put up a metal carport, then you may be envisioning it for something totally different – like a party tent. Except this won’t catch holes, blow away and look sleek too. Set-up an outdoor party, a remote workspace that’s outdoors (to comply with CDC reopening guidelines) – and more!

Need a metal carport for your property? Purchase our all-steel Carport from Arrow. A convenient, all-weather shade and shelter solution that's versatile and practical!