If you’re thinking about purchasing a portable storage shelter, you have a wide range of options. Here are some important points to consider so you can select the right storage building for your needs.

Think about What You Plan to Store in the Shelter

Portable garages come in a range of sizes to accommodate one or more vehicles. Some are the perfect height for a car, while others are taller to provide enough clearance for a truck, boat, or RV.

Before you select a shelter, think about the vehicle(s) that you will keep inside it. If you need storage space for two vehicles, the height of the taller vehicle will dictate the height that the shelter will have to be. If you’re going to keep two vehicles in the shelter, measure the width of each vehicle, then allow for additional space to walk between them and to open the doors without hitting the other vehicle.

If you want to keep additional items, such as gardening tools or other equipment, in the storage building, plan accordingly. Gather all the items that you intend to store in the shelter so you can figure out how much space they will take up. Don’t try to estimate or think that you will fit everything inside somehow. Take the time to determine how much space you will need so you can buy the right shelter.

Consider the Size and Design of Your Yard

Think about the size and layout of your property. You might want to have a spacious shelter where you can keep two vehicles, plus all your lawn and garden tools, but that might not be possible.

When figuring out what size your shelter should be, think about how you will use the remaining space in your yard. If you have kids or a dog, make sure that there will be enough room for them to play after you put up a storage building.

Your shelter will need to be easily accessible. If you’re planning to store one or more vehicles inside it, choose a location where you will be able to move a car in and out without too much trouble.

Order the Right Storage Building for Your Car

Shelters of America offers portable storage buildings in a range of widths, lengths, and heights to accommodate vehicles, tools, equipment, and other items. Our shelters have durable steel frames and covers that can resist damage from rain, snow, and the sun’s UV rays. Our portable garages are also easy to set up and anchor to the ground. Figure out which storage building would work best for you and place an order with Shelters of America today.