lawnmower for gardening

Winter is almost here, and you won’t be mowing your lawn while the ground is frozen and covered with snow. That means that your lawnmower will be spending the next several months in storage. It’s important to take steps to prepare the mower before you put it away so it will be in good condition and ready to go in the spring.

Clean the Mower and Sharpen the Blade

When you mow your lawn, the outside of the mower and on the undercarriage can get covered with grass clippings, dirt, and other forms of debris. If that debris isn’t removed, it can hinder the lawnmower’s performance. 

Take some time to clean the mower thoroughly before you put it into winter storage so you won’t have to worry about it in the spring. Make sure the lawnmower is completely dry before you put it away for the winter.

The blade can become dull from cutting grass and from coming into contact with sticks and rocks on the lawn. A dull blade can damage grass, which is why it’s important to sharpen it periodically. 

Check Your Lawnmower’s Parts and Fluids

Read your lawnmower’s instruction manual to get specific information on maintenance and long-term storage. If you don’t have the booklet that came with the mower when you bought it, you should be able to find a copy online.

The instructions will most likely recommend that you change the oil before putting the lawnmower into storage. Make sure you use the right type and amount of oil. 

Storing a lawnmower with a partial tank of fuel can lead to damage from ethanol and moisture. The manufacturer may recommend that you empty your lawnmower’s fuel tank before you store it for the winter, or it may advise you to add a fuel stabilizer and top off the tank. 

Your lawnmower’s manufacturer will probably recommend that you replace the spark plugs and air filter. It may also advise you to disconnect the battery. 

Many homeowners are unfamiliar with how lawnmowers work and don’t feel comfortable performing routine maintenance themselves. If you don’t know how to do something yourself but you try to do it anyway, you may damage the machine. Your best bet is to take the mower to a professional who can do the job properly.

Store Your Lawnmower in a Safe, Dry Place

It’s important to protect your lawnmower from moisture, blowing branches, animals, and other potential sources of harm. A portable garage can be an excellent place to store a lawnmower when it isn’t being used. Shelters of America sells portable storage buildings in a wide range of sizes. You can choose one that is large enough to store not just your lawnmower, but all your other lawn and garden equipment. Place an order today.