A portable greenhouse can allow you to regulate the temperature and humidity level so that plants have the conditions they need to thrive. A greenhouse is helpful in the fall and winter, when freezing temperatures, frost, snow, and ice are concerns, but you can also take advantage of a portable greenhouse during the summer.

Protect Crops from Extreme Weather

Even though it’s warm outside in the summer, the conditions might not always be right for certain types of plants. Summer weather can vary dramatically from day to day. Temperatures can spike and drop, and an area can experience heavy rainfall or a drought.

Those types of fluctuations can harm plants that are growing outdoors. If the temperature soars particularly high during the day, or if the temperature fluctuates widely from day to night, that can create the type of stress that some species of plants might not be able to bear.

A portable greenhouse can allow you to create consistent conditions that plants need to grow in the summer. With a greenhouse, you will be able to control the temperature, ventilation, and humidity level inside. A greenhouse can also provide protection from animals and pests that could destroy crops planted outdoors.

Grow Vegetables and Herbs That Thrive in Hot Temperatures

Some plants grow well in intense heat. If your greenhouse is located in an area that gets a lot of direct sunlight, you can take advantage of the high temperature inside and plant vegetables that will fare well in those conditions.

You have a wide range of options when it comes to plants to grow in the summer. Tomatoes, peppers, beans, greens, and herbs are just a few examples of crops that can thrive in a portable greenhouse.

Get Ready for the Next Growing Season

If you enjoy gardening all year, during the summer, you’re probably thinking ahead to what you want to grow during the winter. Plants often need to be started early so that seedlings have an opportunity to get established before winter. You can plant seedlings in trays or in soil inside your portable greenhouse during the summer so they will be ready for winter.

Order a Greenhouse and Enjoy Summer Gardening

Shelters of America offers portable greenhouses that can be used to raise vegetables and herbs during the summer or to prepare plants for a winter growing season. Our greenhouses come in a range of sizes to suit a variety of needs. They have frames made of durable steel tubing and covers crafted with heavy-duty polyethylene to help you create and maintain the ideal indoor conditions. Choose the portable greenhouse that’s the right size for your needs and place your order today.