If you need a place to store a car, truck, boat, or RV, but you don’t have room in a garage, a portable storage shelter is an excellent alternative. You can set up a garage anywhere on your property where there is enough space and have a safe place to keep your vehicle when you’re not using it.

Reasons to Buy a Portable Garage

A shelter can protect your valuable vehicle from rain, snow, hail, extreme temperatures, and strong wind that could blow objects and cause damage. A portable garage can also keep animals away from your vehicle so they won’t chew wires or cause other types of damage.

Buying a portable storage shelter is much less expensive than building a garage from scratch or expanding an existing garage. Setting up a portable shelter is also a much quicker and easier process than constructing or adding to a permanent structure.

Choose a Shelter with a Door That’s the Right Height for Your Vehicle

We understand that our customers have all sorts of needs, which is why we offer portable garages in a wide range of sizes. They vary in height so that you can choose one that’s suitable for whatever you want to store inside it.

Many of our portable garages stand 8 feet high, but some are taller to accommodate larger vehicles. We have shelters that are 9 feet tall, and even some that tower at a height of 11 feet to comfortably store a large vehicle, such as an RV.

Accessorize Your Shelter with a Roll-Up Door Kit

A roll-up door kit can stop the shelter’s door in any position. This accessory can be convenient if you want to ventilate the portable garage, but you don’t want to leave the door completely open.

Our roll-up door kits make it possible for a door to roll inside or outside. Our kits include a rope and pulley system, and they’re compatible with all of our shelters. The parts are weather-resistant to keep them from freezing or rusting, which could cause them to jam.

A Portable Shelter Can Provide the Extra Storage Space You Need

It can be difficult to figure out where to store a vehicle if you don’t have space in a garage or if you have a garage, but your vehicle is simply too big to fit inside it. If you’ve been struggling to find a solution that works, you can get a portable garage that’s the right height at Shelters of America. If you want, you can customize it with a roll-up door kit that will let you control the height of the door. Look through the wide array of portable garages that we have to offer and place an order today.