Shelters of America sells portable storage buildings with frames and covers made of durable materials that are made to stand up to the elements and last for years. Even though our storage shelters and their covers are tough, long-term exposure to changing temperatures, rain, snow, and wind can gradually take a toll. 

You May Be Able to Buy a New Cover Instead of Replacing Your Entire Shelter

People sometimes think that they can only buy a portable garage as a complete unit, but that’s not true. Replacement covers can be purchased separately.

If you currently own one of our storage shelters and the cover is damaged, but the frame is still in good condition, that doesn’t mean that you need to buy a new portable garage. You can keep the frame that you currently have and simply replace the cover. 

It’s Easy to Order a New Cover for Your Storage Building

We have created a process that makes it simple to order a new cover for your storage shelter. Look for a white tag or sticker on the inside of the cover. It contains an identifying part number that you can use when ordering a replacement cover to ensure that you select the cover that’s right for your building. Be sure to order a replacement cover using the part number on the cover, not on the door or back panel. On our website, you can fill out a simple form to order a new cover. 

We’re Here to Help If You Have Questions

If you aren’t sure where to find your cover’s part number or how to place an order online, we can help. A member of our team can assist you if you have questions about how to remove the old cover and install the new one. We can also provide guidance if you have questions about whether you should replace your cover only or whether you should purchase a new frame and cover. 

If you would like to buy an additional storage shelter, or if you would like to upgrade to a larger shelter where you can fit more tools or store another vehicle, you can browse our website and find a portable garage that’s the right size for your needs. Figure out what you want to store in the building, then look through our selection of portable garages, select one that’s the right size, and place your order.