A portable shelter can protect your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or lawn care equipment from poor weather, harsh sunlight, and animals. For your storage building to do its job, it has to be assembled correctly. Here are some important tips that can help you successfully set up your portable shelter.

Choose an Appropriate Location

Before you get started, look around your yard and select a suitable location. It has to be large enough to fit the shelter, and there should be plenty of free space around it so you can easily move a vehicle in and out. 

Make sure that the ground is level. If it isn’t, the structure may be unstable, and you may have issues with water flowing down toward the storage building. If the site isn’t already level, or if it’s a low-lying area and you’re concerned about water flooding your portable garage, you can bring in soil to level the ground or raise it up to prevent problems. 

Inspect the site before you begin to set up the portable shelter. Remove any stones, sticks, and other forms of debris, and make sure the area doesn’t have any tree roots or other obstructions that could cause problems.

Get at Least One Person to Help You

Although the process of assembling a portable garage is relatively straightforward, you’ll need some extra hands. In many cases, two people can set up a storage building. If you’re buying a large shelter, you may need more people to help you set it up. 

Don’t try to assemble your portable garage without enough people available to help. That will inevitably lead to problems. Figure out how many people you’ll need and make arrangements ahead of time. 

Follow the Directions

Often, customers don’t consult the directions and assume that they can figure things out. That can lead to mistakes and make the entire process take longer than it should. Using the wrong pieces or installing them incorrectly can also cause damage to your brand-new storage building. 

Before you get started, read the directions. Compare the list of parts in the instructions to the parts that you received. Separate the parts and group them together based on their numbers or the part of the shelter where they will be used so that you and your helpers will be able to find them easily when you need them. 

Anchor the Shelter Securely

Portable storage buildings are designed to be set up on a wide range of surfaces, including soil, grass, sand, and gravel. An anchor kit can ensure that your storage building will stay securely attached to the ground, even in strong winds and other harsh weather conditions.

Order a Portable Garage

Shelters of America sells storage buildings that are designed to suit a wide range of needs. No matter what you need to store, you can find a building in dimensions that fit the bill. Look through our selection of portable garages and place an order today.