Portable garages are designed and manufactured to be durable. They’re constructed with materials that are meant to stand up to a variety of harsh weather conditions. If you live in a region that gets heavy snowfalls and strong winds in the winter, you can find a portable garage that can handle those conditions.

Our Storage Shelters Are Built to Be Tough

Shelters of America sells portable garages with heavy-duty, all-steel frames, as well as bolt-together hardware and stabilizer blocks at each rib connection to give the frames extra stability. That helps them stand up to snow and strong winds. Our shelters have universal steel footplates to keep them firmly anchored to the ground.

Our portable garages have covers made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that is durable enough to withstand harsh winter weather conditions. You can choose a shelter with an industrial 14.5 oz. or ultra-duty 21.5 oz. PVC cover. If you select a storage building with a strong cover, you can be confident that the vehicle or equipment you store inside will be protected from severe weather. 

Snow Can Slide off a Portable Garage

If your area gets a large snowfall, you don’t want to have several inches of snow accumulate on the roof of your storage shelter. A large amount of weight can damage the cover and the supporting frame.

You can remove snow from the shelter with a broom, but that can be a hassle. It’s better to keep snow from building up in the first place. Our portable garages are designed in a way that encourages snow to slide off. We offer round, barn, and peak style storage buildings with roofs that are angled to minimize snow buildup. 

Order a Portable Garage from Shelters of America

A portable garage can be an excellent storage solution, but you need to choose one carefully. If you live in a region that experiences harsh winter weather, you need to select a shelter that can handle those types of conditions. Shelters of America sells portable storage buildings with frames and covers that can withstand a wide range of weather conditions and last for years.

Think about what you want to store in a portable garage and figure out how much space you’ll need. If you plan to store a vehicle, be sure to choose a shelter that’s the right height. Look at our selection of storage buildings, select one that best suits your needs and budget, and place your order today.