For most people, a vehicle is a prized possession and one of their most expensive investments. If you have a vehicle that you want to protect from harsh weather and other hazards, but you don’t have space in a garage, investing in a commercial-grade canopy can be an excellent alternative.

A Commercial-Grade Canopy Can Shield Your Vehicle from the Elements

No matter what type of vehicle you have, you probably paid a significant amount of money for it. You want to keep it in good condition so you’ll be able to enjoy it for as long as possible. Rain, snow, hail, wind, changing temperatures, pollen, and tree sap are just a handful of things that can damage a vehicle’s paint and cause other problems.

Storing your vehicle under a commercial-grade canopy is a simple and effective way to protect it from all of these hazards. Shelters of America offers canopies with polyester covers that repel water and provide protection against the sun’s UV rays. Their frames are manufactured with powder-coated steel tubing that can stand up to strong winds, the weight of snow, and other environmental conditions.

A Canopy Can Protect a Vehicle That You Can’t Store in a Garage 

Some types of vehicles, particularly ones that are used for recreation, simply can’t fit inside most garages. Paying to store a vehicle somewhere is an option, but it can be expensive and inconvenient.

Commercial-grade canopies come in a wide range of sizes and can accommodate large vehicles that might not fit in a typical garage. Shelters of America sells commercial-grade canopies that are tall and wide enough to cover cars, trucks, boats, and RVs. 

A Commercial-Grade Canopy Is Easy to Set Up and Move

The canopies that we sell can be set up quickly with a minimal amount of work. They have footplates and anchor spikes to secure them in place. If you decide to move your canopy for any reason, all you will have to do is detach it and roll it up. 

You Can Choose a Canopy That Fits Your Property and Your Style

Shelters of America offers commercial-grade canopies in several colors, including red, blue, white, and hunter green, plus checkered and camouflage patterns. You can select a color or pattern that will complement the color and design of your home and that will also reflect your personal sense of style.

Order a Commercial-Grade Canopy from Shelters of America

Don’t let your cherished vehicle get damaged by changing weather conditions. A commercial-grade canopy is an effective way to protect your vehicle, as well as a smart financial investment. Look at the canopies we offer, find one that’s the right size for your vehicle, and place an order today.