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Depending what part of the nation you live in, it might be time to start thinking about storing your motorcycle for the season. Colder temps and inclement weather make enjoying a ride out on two wheels impossible in some parts of the nation. If you’re looking for a great and easy way to store your favorite warm weather toy, a portable shelter is a terrific option! 

Portable shelters cost far less than having to break ground and build a new garage, save the monthly fees of renting a spot to store your bike and give you somewhere on your property where you can keep your bike closeby, but still protected. 

If you are getting a portable garage for your motorcycle, here are some ideas for setting up the storage space. 


  1. Bike, Stand & Battery

Of course you likely know already that letting your bike sit for too long can drain the battery. So you’ll want to consider a dedicated bike stand to take it off the ground and a standby battery that you can maintain a charge with. 


  1. Add Tools Storage

Since your bike is in for the season, you can pick up any tools you left around and store them away. This way you’ll have them when you need them next season. It makes sense to create an area for tool storage in your garage while you’re setting it up.

  1. Put Your Gear Away 

While you’re at it, you might as well dedicate an area for your helmet and other gear like your gloves, vest and body armor while you’re storing your bike. Consider a coat rack or other hooks where you can keep these items for safe keeping during the offseason.  

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