A portable shelter can be an excellent storage option, but it has limitations. Even though they’re strong, portable garages can still be damaged by heavy snow. Like other buildings, storage shelters require regular care and maintenance. Regularly inspecting your shelter and removing snow in the winter before it has a chance to accumulate and become too heavy can prevent damage to your storage building and its contents.

How Snow Can Damage a Portable Garage

Too much snow on the roof of a storage shelter can damage both the cover and the supporting structure. Large amounts of snow can weigh down the cover and cause it to tear. That can allow water to leak into the interior of the building, where it can damage the contents and lead to mold. The weight of snow can also weaken the building’s supports and possibly make the entire structure unstable.

How to Remove Snow from a Portable Shelter

Use a push broom or a mop with a long handle to remove snow from the roof of your storage building. Never use a shovel, rake, or any other hard-edged tool, since that could damage the portable garage’s cover. Set up a ladder on flat ground that is free of snow and ice. Have someone hold the ladder while you climb it and remove snow. Push the snow to one side of the building, then push an equal amount of snow to the opposite side. Continue alternating along the length of the shelter. Let the snowfall to the ground, then shovel it up. You might not be able to remove all the snow, but you should be able to get rid of most of it.

Importance of Routine Inspections

Inspect your portable storage building each fall for tears or other forms of damage. If you find any tears or holes, you might be able to repair them, or you might need to order a replacement cover. Make sure the building is securely anchored so it won’t fall or lean from heavy snow or from a combination of snow and wind.

Order a Storage Shelter or Replacement Cover

If you haven’t yet purchased a portable garage and you live in an area that tends to get hit by significant snowstorms in the winter, take that into account when choosing a shelter. Look for one with a roof that has a steep pitch so snow will easily slide off and you won’t have too much work to do. If you’re interested in purchasing a new portable garage or a replacement cover, Shelters of America offers storage buildings in a wide range of sizes and designs, as well as appropriate replacement covers. Order a portable garage or cover today.