Sunset Home Office Working with Laptop on the Garden

Working from home has become the new norm for many households today with a global pandemic and social distancing orders in place. For those who have never had a dedicated area of their home to work from or who are now sharing that space with a spouse or even children who are distance learning, it can feel very cramped.

A great solution is to create a new office space. One in an area that is all your own. If that means a room set-up in the finished basement or garage, or depending what the weather is like in your area, it could also mean using a portable shed or shelter and transforming it much like a crafter would a she shed, into a separate office space.

In fact, this move is starting to trend! All across the nation, portable shelters are being set-up as needed to create a home office space that is separate from the commotion of home life and still highly- functional.

Portable shelters converted into office spaces cost far less than a total garage makeover or home addition and if you’re asked to go back to work in the near future can either be easily taken down and stored away or used for another need without feeling the pinch of a whole new build being done.

Shelters of America is a great starting point for getting the shelter ordered and shipped. Our storage sheds are multipurpose and can be used for just about anything! After it arrives you can set-it up and start remodeling the interior to fit your needs!