For many homeowners, from those looking to add storage to those looking to expand what's already there, a portable garage proves to be an asset. However, if you're lost in the sea of options, from enclosed to valance, from rounded to peak shelters, from powder-coated to galvanized steel, keep in mind these three tips before committing to a portable garage:

1. Don't Just Buy – Have Intent and Make a Plan

When purchasing a portable garage for the first time, it vital the purchaser have a solid understanding of their local weather conditions, what type of things they intend to store in their portable garage, and just how much money they are willing to spend on this particular purchase. Portable garages are very popular with growing, active families, small business owners, and recreation departments. Portable garages can be used to store sports equipment, shelter antique cars from bad weather, and even for holding small intimate social gatherings.

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2. Consider Versatility and All Possible Uses

Rather than storing grills, patio equipment and other warm weather items in an expensive off-site storage facility, a portable garage is a more cost effective solution. For the home improvement maven, a portable shelter can be an indispensable tool. When a sudden rain storms hits or if there is expensive material that needs to be protected from harsh sunlight, then a portable garage can be used to quickly and safely store tools, material and equipment from rain, sleet or snow. Electric saws, drills, nail guns and design renderings can be permanently damaged by even slightest bit of moisture. Moreover, portable garages can be transported from one house to another house, and they can be used in a number of different ways. For example, a portable shelter might be used to keep cords of wood dry in one residence, but then this same shelter can used at a summer residence for storing bikes, mopeds or small watercrafts. The primary advantage of buying a portable garage is that they can be used in a wide assortment of different ways.

3. Consider It an Investment

An investment in a durable and portable garage is a very sound one. They can help alleviate storage problems in busy households, and they are a great cost-saving device. Rather than simply settle on a low-cost structure that is built to handle just a few months of seasonal usage, consider investing in a heavy-duty structure designed to last for several years of prolonged or occasional use.