Using a portable garage is an effective way to protect your car, truck, boat, RV, motorcycle, or equipment from rain, snow, and extreme temperatures year-round. You may find that you need to modify your portable shelter to set it up in your chosen location, install a door, or improve ventilation. At Shelters of America, we have all the accessories you will need to customize your portable garage.

It is best to set up your portable shelter on soil, but that may not be possible if you have concrete or another hard surface or hard soil in your yard. Metal anchors can be bolted onto a hard surface, such as concrete, allowing you to set up your portable garage anywhere.

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To build your portable garage on hard earth, we offer both duckbill earth anchors and heavy-duty auger anchors. Duckbill anchors save time and labor by working like toggle bolts in the earth. They do not require any digging or concrete. Simply drive the anchors into the ground with a drive steel. They will provide 1,100 pounds of holding power in normal soil. To set up your portable shelter on asphalt, drill two-inch holes in the asphalt, and then drive the duckbill anchors through them.

Our heavy-duty auger anchors are the perfect solution if you want to set up your portable garage on dirt or grass. The auger assemblies have 30-inch ground anchors and steel cables and cable clamps to secure the frame. Three-inch diameter discs at the bottom screw into the ground.

If you purchase a canopy to protect a vehicle and want to completely enclose the space, you can add a roll-up door. A steel pipe attaches to the frame and other parts, allowing you to roll up a front zipper door. All of the parts are weather-resistant to prevent them from jamming at the top. Our door kits are easy to install and work on shelters of all sizes.

If you are planning to store a vehicle for a long period of time, you will need to provide ventilation to prevent mold, mildew, and rot. Installing a vent in your portable garage can allow air to flow throughout the space. Our automatic shelter vent kits automatically open when the temperature rises and close when the temperature falls. Screens can keep insects and debris out of your portable garage. The vents work with any of our portable shelters and have high-UV protection and weather-resistant resins.

Whether you need to build your portable garage on a less-than-ideal surface, install a door, or improve ventilation, Shelters of America has all of the accessories you will need. Our portable shelters can be customized to provide the best protection for your vehicle all season long.