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  1. 5/4/2020 11:49 AM

    Even though restaurants are only allowed to offer delivery and pick-up, it doesn’t mean that the employees or customers are completely safe from catching COVID-19. Really, this executive order was made to help reduce human to human contact as much as possible. That said, many restaurant owners have started serving customers 1 at a time--which is smart--but other measures can be taken as well. Such measures include: establishing a designated pick up area for curbside delivery, a waiting area for delivery drivers, and if you want to go the extra mile, a special screening area to take customer temperatures. To make this a reality, use Pop Up Canopies or Tents.

    Designated Pick Up For Curbside Delivery

    To keep people out of your storefront location, make a sign that says “Pick Up Here” and attach it to a pop up canopy. These large tents will be hard to miss. Less customers will be likely to wander into the store if this is in their way. 

    Designated Parking for Delivery Drivers

    If you’re smart, you are using apps like GrubHub and Uber Eats to offer delivery; however, drivers are on a tight schedule; therefore, they are perhaps more likely to wander inside than even the direct customers. To minimize this from happening often, use a pop up canopy to show delivery drivers wear to park. Ideally, you should only have 1 or 2 drivers present at a time, so this is also a great way to limit car build up.

    Designated Screening Areas

    If you want to leave no stone unturned, then use a pop up canopy to establish a temperature taking station. This solution is for those who don’t want to risk letting anyone inside at all unless they are sure that they are healthy. 

    Need a Pop Up Canopy For Your Restaurant? 

    Feel free to browse our wide selection of pop up canopies today! 

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  2. 5/1/2020 12:08 PM

    Whether you’re a casual gardener or have professional needs for flowers and produce, the following are some of the advantages of installing a portable greenhouse on your property.

    With the start of spring, many homeowners’ thoughts turn to gardening and getting the home’s outdoor areas ready for a spring and summer season. Many people begin germinating plants in their homes to avoid the high costs at plant nurseries. If you have small children, pets (cats love to dig!), or very little counter space, however, you may find starting your spring plants difficult. If your home isn’t an ideal place to start growing your garden’s bounty, you may want to consider a portable greenhouse.

    The Benefits of a Portable Greenhouse

    Whether you’re a casual gardener or have professional needs for flowers and produce, the following are some of the advantages of installing a portable greenhouse on your property. 

    Protect from frosts. Though it’s spring, surprise frosts and even snow aren’t unheard of. Rather than risk planting too soon, a portable greenhouse can keep your young plants protected even if there’s a spot of cold or unseasonable weather. 

    They’re affordable. Portable greenhouses come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and features to suit almost any budget, and they can be erected for less cost and in less time than a formal greenhouse building. They can also be moved from place to place easily is your needs change. 

    They keep the critters away. If you’ve ever put young plants in the ground only to find they’ve been nibbled by squirrels, mice, deer, gophers, or other hungry creatures, you’ll know the frustration of wasted work and cash. A portable greenhouse is an ideal way to keep animals from spoiling your young plants. 

    They extend your growing season. Particularly if you live in a region with a short growing season, a portable greenhouse can allow you to carry on growing well into the fall and begin early in the spring. For warmer climates, a portable greenhouse can allow you to grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers all year long. 

    Get the Features You Want

    Shelters of America has a large supply of greenhouses in stock ranging from small patio-sized 2 x 5-foot tiered shelves, up to 30 x 100 foot. Let us know what you plan on growing! Contact us today to discuss your greenhouse needs!

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  3. 2/18/2020 11:35 AM

    Automobiles are one of the most important possessions we have today. They are the way we get to work, school, important doctors’ appointments, and complete errands on the weekend. If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of having your car in the shop, then you know just how difficult days can be without reliable transportation. For this reason, many of us also love our cars and take the best care of them possible.

    Whether you’re a car aficionado or you just want your investment in a vehicle to last you as long as possible, one thing is absolutely necessary to get right and that is how you store your car. Garages are accommodating because they give you an easy place to drive up to and protect the car from theft and the elements. But not everyone has this luxury and some of us are using the garage for other things- like storage or a man cave.

    Luckily, portable shelters exist that make protect cars possible, without having to break the bank or build a whole new structure.

    Here are some options for protecting your car with a portable shelter.

    Portable Tarp-style Garage

    Quickly and easily set-up a shelter on your property as big as you need it. These can be added virtually anywhere (check permits in your town if required). They are durable, all-steel frames and the fabric if made of reliable polyethylene that resists tears and wear.


    A carport is another option. While not fully enclosed, the canopy style of these portable shelters still offers shade and protection from the elements head-on. These also come in a number of sizes and can fit multiple cars underneath them. The other great thing is they also double as a covered outdoor area when not in use. That means those summer parties your backyard don’t need to be canceled if small rain showers are in the forecast!

    Get the ultimate protection you always needed for your car, truck, RV, boat motorcycle and more! Shop Shelters of America for a large selection of sizes and combinations to create the portable shelter you’ve always needed.

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  4. 2/7/2020 1:30 PM
    Shelters of America sells portable garages with covers made of durable polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride that can stand up to severe weather.Read More
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  5. 1/13/2020 10:46 AM
    Set aside important time to clear and inspect the portable shelter all winter. Even if it has to happen at Super Bowl half-time. This isn’t up for negotiation!Read More
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  6. 1/10/2020 9:19 AM
    Inspect your portable garage and remove snow with a broom or mop to prevent damage to the building’s cover, supporting structure, and contents.Read More
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  7. 12/13/2019 2:19 PM

    If you’re thinking about what you can get your dad, brother, or son for the holidays, then have you considered a portable garage? If not, here’s a few reasons why you should.

    It’s a Place to Store Tools

    Portable sheds can go a long way. Not only can they house big gardening equipment, they make a great place to keep woodworking tools and car parts. If your father is the type of person who holds on to every tool, then this is a gift that will last a lifetime!

    They Can Protect Boats

    If your brother has some serious sea legs, then a portable shelter can ensure that his boat stays safe during the off season. 

    They Can House Snowmobiles and Jet Skis

    If your son is planning to rip up the snow this year on a snowmobile, then he’s going to need a place to store it. Portable garages work great for this! In addition, they can act as the perfect storage spot for Jet Skis too.

    Shop Portable Garages from Shelters of America

    Boat shelters, storage sheds, snowmobiles, jet skis, gardening equipment, cars, trucks--our portable garages can house just about anything! Shop now!

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  8. 11/13/2019 2:48 PM

    Ever wonder why there is so much hype associated with portable garages and shelters? Are they really worth it? Yes, they are. There are quite a few advantages to having a shelter that you can pick up and move with ease. Rather than offer a general explanation, we’re going to give you 3 concrete ways in which portable barn-shaped shelters can come in handy. 

    They Make Great Sheds

    Sure, it’s easy to think of a barn shaped shelter as a place for livestock; however, they can be used to house all the same tools that you would keep in a shed. Within a barn-shaped portable shelter, you can fit your tractor, woodworking gear, and various project parts; really, the list can go on and on!

    They’re Perfect For Musical Instruments

    Not everyone wants to hear you rock out inside the house, especially if you have a habit of jamming into the wee hours of the night. With a portable barn shelter, you can create your own personal jam space! That way, you can play loud and proud without worrying about waking up your housemates, or annoying your neighbors too much.

    It’s Ideal For Your Car

    There’s nothing more annoying than shoveling the snow off the top of your car before you go into work. With a portable barn shelter, you can drive your car right into it when you get home. This way, all you have to do after a snowstorm is shovel a path and drive out. 

    Shop Barn-Shaped Portable Garage Shelters From Shelters of America

    Ready to pick up one of these super useful portable garages? Shop now!

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  9. 10/15/2019 12:00 PM
    If this season was the first time you enjoyed all of the benefits of owning a portable shelter on your property, now is a great time to start thinking about how to care and maintain the dwelling through the winter months.Read More
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  10. 3/24/2018 7:38 PM
    Once you've purchased your portable garage, you'll soon learn that there are many ways you can alter, modify, or stylize your carport. While some additions are relatively cheap, others can be incredibly costly. How do you know which additions and modifications are the most important? How do you know which ones you should spend your money on?Read More
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