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About Your Shelter


  • Galvanized vs. Powder Coated  -GALVANIZED steel frames have a more durable lifespan than powder coated steel frames- purchase according to your needs. How long do you plan to use the product? Are you near salt water ? Cover a salt pile ? 
  • Be wary of wholesale clubs and manufactures that have versions with less arch supports, very lightweight cover material that attaches with bungee ball cords - check the length of the warranty of the product you are considering- does it match the expected timeframe you plan to use the product? Are parts , such as replacement covers and end panels available in the future if you need them. 
  • Our buildings are built for year round weather conditions
  • Do not be fooled into buying a lower quality product!
  • Remember, a penny wise and a pound foolish!

Product Knowledge

We understand that some customers may not have the need or budget for the highest quality shelters. Maybe the need is only for a couple of years, or would rather purchase a new cover in a few years.  Covers are made of a 9oz 18mil , triple-layer, UV Treated , Rip-stop, 100% waterproof material with a 2 year warranty , the frames are made with heavy duty structural steel that uses a 13 step Rhino Shield Surface Prep process that is bonded with Dupont thermoset baked on powder coated finish that prevents chipping, peeling , rust and corrosion.


Q: Is the House (Peak), Barn or Round Style better for snow load ?

A: The three styles are both designed to handle normal snow loads. The House/Peak or Barn styles have more interior space because your sidewalls go straight up and down. The Round and Barn style buildings do allow for the snow to slide off more easily, and Barn styles have more roof supports in the frame. We also have an entire line of shelters that are wind and snow load rated. 


Q: What type of cover material is used and how does the cover attach to the frame ?

A:  We offer different grades of material quality to match customer needs. 

Polyethylene (PE) Heavy Duty 9 oz. Features:
•One-year manufacturer's warranty
•Life expectancy of three to five years
•Cover material comes in forest green, gray, tan, white, or translucent clear

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Industrial 14.5 oz. Features:
•10 year manufacturer's pro-rated warranty
•Life expectancy of 10 to 12 years
•Fire-rated, fire-retardant CPAI Section 6 and NFPA-701 large scale compliant fabric
•Cover material comes in forest green, gray, tan, or white

Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC) Ultra-Duty 21.5 oz Features:
•15 year manufacturer's pro-rated warranty
•Life expectancy of 15 years
•Fire-rated, fire-retardant CPAI Section 6 and NFPA-701 large scale compliant fabric
•Green or White cover material available

Always compare the warranties.These are all designed to withstand rain, ice, snow, sun, and wind. All colors are UV Treated to be equally durable, color choice only depends on your personal taste. The inner layer is always white to reflect light and make the inside of the unit brighter.The higher quality units will use a ratchet tie down system on the inside and on the outside in the corners to pull the cover tight to the frame.  Lighter weight models will use nylon rope lacing.Avoid models that use bungee ball tie downs or anchor with lead ropes from the outside, these are basically canopies with sides and are not very heavy duty at all.

Product Warranties

All manufacturer warranties are available upon request before any purchase. Warranty hard copies are provided with receipt your products.

WHAT IS NOT WARRANTED: Manufacturers are not responsible for the following: (1) Used products; (2) Any product that has been used, altered or modified in any way not approved; (3) Depreciation; (4) Damage caused by lack of reasonable and proper maintenance; failure to follow instructions, directions, drawings and renderings; improper installation, misuse, lack of proper protection during installation, use or storage; (5) Damage resulting from accident, falling objects; (6) Damage due to normal maintenance or lack thereof; (7) Exposure to harmful chemicals, fumes or other substances, foreign or natural in the atmosphere; (8) Acts of God, which includes but is not limited to wind damage, excessive snow-load, flood, hail, fire: or (9) Unforeseen causes or circumstances, such as but not limited to adding load to the structure, or external forces

In addition, there is NOT guarantee of snow-load or wind-load, unless stamped engineered drawings have been provided for your shelter or building. Only engineered truss buildings have these available at an additional cost.