When you own a carport, you’ll likely reach a time in which the polyethylene cover tears. The damage could be the result of a storm, one causing your shelter to collapse or blowing debris about, or could be from an accident. No matter the reason, be sure to go through these steps when you want to fix the tear:

1. Inspect the Carport for the Full Extent of the Damage

A tear often doesn’t occur solely on its own. Instead, your building could have a sagging or leaning frame – the reason the tear occurred in the first place – or a storm could have bent the structure and created other tears in the fabric. In all, know exactly what needs to be fixed before you begin any repairs.

2. Order and Use a Repair Kit

Retailers like Shelters of America sell repair tape specifically for these scenarios. These supplies allow you to apply a patch through adhesive or heat, but before you do, clean off any areas needing repairs with rubbing alcohol first. Then:

  • Remove the top.
  • Cut the patch.
  • Apply a glue or adhesive
  • Hold the patch in place
  • Add the canopy when the patch has fully adhered to the material.

3. Address All of the Damage

Fixing a canopy doesn’t address the full picture: That you have a portable shelter that’s not effectively protecting your vehicles or investments. Unstable frames, bent parts, and frayed cords ultimately mean your carport won’t stand as strong to the elements, making it easy to blow over or collapse.

As a result, you may further want to consider:

  • Replacing any frame parts.
  • Fortifying the frame, with anchors or a spreader bar.
  • Replacing any worn or broken cords.

Whether you’re looking for repair kits or a new carport, Shelters of America has it all. Browse through an array of sizes, configurations, shapes, and parts to find what suits your needs.