If you've ever had to pack up your camping supplies while the heavy rains are coming down, or if your trip is cut short due to weather, then you know just how frustrating it can be to not have covering.

A portable shelter can be a great accessory to take along for your trip. It can also be used to store camping gear like tents, sleeping bags and more.

Many options are available on the market and most can be easily packed up and transported.

Other things you can store in your shelter like extra clothing, toiletries and cookware will come in handy. If you're just camping with one other person or two, then a small option may do.  However, if you’re camping with a large crowd and everyone is going to bring their own gear then consider getting a larger portable shelter so everyone has plenty of room for their own belongings.

While some of the tents you can buy at the store do come with storage bags built right into them – there are far better ways to keep everything organized instead of being strewn about. With a portable shelter for your gear you’ll gain peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe.

Even when you’re not out camping, having a dedicated place to stare all of your gear and equipment is important. This way you always know where everything is when you need it and you can ensure it’s protected from wildlife and other elements.

Choose a location in your backyard where you’d like to place your items. Somewhere that you can easily get to and that’s an ideal location for a structure is best. Once you’ve set up your portable shelter you should also think about things like ventilation, cover type and durability if they’ll be stored for a while.

We hope we've given you some thought to taking a portable shelter with you on your next camping trip or setting one up in your yard to keep all your gear in one place. Shop Shelters of America for all the best in temporary shelters. We offer roll-up door kits, ventilation kits and custom frames are made of either powder coated or galvanized steel tubing and our covers are made of durable layered Polyethylene with a special rip stop material for the longest possible durability and to ensure true All-Weather protection from sun, wind, rain, ice and snow.