Portable storage buildings must be able to stand up to a range of harsh conditions. They have durable covers made with tough materials, such as polyethylene and PVC. Those materials can resist damage from severe weather, sunlight, and insects. 

Still, wind-blown debris or years of exposure to the elements can take a toll. Buying a new portable storage building can be expensive, and it’s often unnecessary. In many cases, a portable garage’s cover is in bad shape, but the steel frame is still sturdy and capable of doing its job. 

Under those circumstances, it doesn’t make sense to buy a whole new storage building. That’s why Shelters of America sells replacement cover kits.

Understand What Is and Is Not Included in a Replacement Cover Kit

A replacement cover kit includes a main cover that protects most of a shelter, plus zippered end panels and solid end panels. A kit does not include a steel frame. If your storage building has a damaged frame, you’ll need to purchase a new shelter. 

We offer replacement covers in several colors, including green, grey, tan, translucent, white, eggshell, and charcoal. You can choose a cover that complements the color of your home, or you might prefer a neutral color that will make your portable shelter look inconspicuous. Each replacement cover kit we sell is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. 

Find the Solution That Fits Your Needs

If your portable garage got damaged or knocked down in a storm, you probably felt dismayed when you saw what had happened. You might be wondering if you’ll be able to fix it or if you’ll have to buy a new shelter, and you might be concerned about the cost.

The situation might not be as bad as it initially seemed. Take some time to carefully inspect each part of the shelter so you know what is and isn’t damaged. You might realize that even though the cover is torn beyond repair, the frame that supports the building is fine. 

If your storage building simply needs a replacement cover, you can order one from Shelters of America. Our replacement covers are designed to be used with specific ShelterLogic storage buildings. You’ll need to know your portable garage’s model number to select an appropriate replacement cover. Assess the condition of your storage building, figure out whether you need a new portable garage or just a replacement cover, then place an order with Shelters of America.