A portable storage building can protect your vehicle, lawn and garden equipment, outdoor furniture, and other belongings from the elements, but you have more to worry about than just rain and snow. Extreme temperatures can damage the things that you store inside your shelter. You may need to take additional measures to prevent temperature-related problems.

How Extreme Heat and Cold Can Damage Your Belongings

Cold weather can cause oil in an engine to thicken, which can put stress on internal components. Extreme cold can weaken a battery, which can make machinery fail to start. If you store a vehicle in a portable garage, cold temperatures can cause the pressure in the tires to drop, which can lead to damage. Extreme cold can also make plastic and metal parts in tools become brittle.

In hot weather, tire pressure can increase, and the rubber in tires can dry out. Gas can evaporate, and electronic components in vehicles and equipment can become damaged.  

Humidity is another concern. High levels of humidity inside your storage building can cause metal in tools and vehicles to rust. Humidity can also lead to mold and mildew on your belongings and on the storage shelter itself.

How to Control the Temperature in a Storage Building

A storage shelter can shield your belongings from direct sunlight, rain, and snow, but the interior is still susceptible to extreme temperatures. Fortunately, there are some relatively simple ways to regulate the temperature inside. 

Installing vents can be helpful. In a well-ventilated storage shelter, air can circulate freely, which can keep the temperature inside from climbing too high. Good airflow can also keep the humidity level from rising too much.  

Order a Portable Storage Building from Shelters of America

If you’re looking for a place to store a vehicle, lawncare tools, pool supplies, or other belongings where they will be protected from harsh weather, a portable garage is a simple and effective solution. Shelters of America sells storage buildings in a variety of sizes. No matter what you need to store, you can find a shelter that’s the right size.

We also offer ventilation kits that can protect your valuable possessions from extreme temperatures and humidity. Our ventilation kits have heat-sensitive springs that automatically open and close the vents as the temperature changes. In addition, the vents have screens that can keep insects and debris out of the storage shelter. Order a portable garage and a ventilation kit from Shelters of America today.