Many homeowners or business owners find that having a shelter on their property serves their needs to store vehicles, equipment, farm supplies, motorcycles, or other valuables without the expense of building a permanent shed. Shelters are ideal because they can be moved as needed or stored when not needed. 

What Is a Portable Shelter?

A Portable Shelter is an umbrella term that includes pop up tents, canopies and sheds that can be customized to your exact needs. A portable shelter is essentially a temporary building structure that provides heavy-duty protection and additional storage space for a wide range of needs. These portable shelters are structures that typically consist of a steel frame and a heavy-duty fabric cover.

What Are the Benefits of Shelters?

Unlike traditional sheds, shelters are portable. You can pick them up and move them easily wherever you go. In addition, compared to sheds, shelters take up less space and can be adapted for a variety of uses and needs. You can use them to store extra boxes and overflow from the house without the cost of paying for long-term storage. You can use them to protect a vehicle, boat, motorcycles or bicycles during the off-season. You can even use them for outdoor events that require shade or rain protection. 

Portable shelter providers such as Shelters of America offer high-quality products, rapid deployment and installation, efficient storage and easy transportation. Portable shelters can be easily customized for different applications, sizes and weather conditions. We can customize shelter frames and covers for you to help you achieve your unique portable shelter needs.

Shelters of America sells only the highest quality materials, and the shelters are easy to assemble so you can put them into use immediately. We also provide replacement cover and accessories that help you customize your shelter to your precise needs. You can choose from options like a roll-up door kit, ventilation kit or additional insulation against weather. 

All of our custom frames are made of either powder-coated or galvanized steel tubing depending on the model, and the covers are available in a variety of colors made of durable layered polyethylene with a special rip-stop material for the longest possible durability and to ensure true all-weather protection from sun, wind, rain, ice and snow. 

Customizing Your Shelter

Factors that can be customized include height, width and depth; color; shape; material quality and accessories such as roll-up doors, ventilation equipment and anchors. Your material and design needs will vary by the region you live in and the climate, and the items you intend to store in the shelter. 

Visit the Shelters of America website to view our available models and accessories and get an instant quote for the type of shelter you require. Choose from three different types of shelters – peak, barn or round – and input your size requirements, color choices, materials and accessories. Alternatively, call us or text us at 475-308-8476 and we can walk you through the customized quote process.