A portable shelter should make it convenient to access your belongings. With a roll-up door kit, you’ll be able to open the door as much or as little as you need and keep it in that position. With the door secure and your hands free, you’ll have no problem carrying boxes into your portable garage or taking out a car or lawnmower.

How a Roll-Up Door Kit Works

A roll-up door kit operates with a rope and pulley system. It’s versatile enough to work with a shelter of any size, and it's easy to install. The kit simply clips on, and the installation process only takes about 10 minutes. A kit can be installed so the door rolls inside or outside the shelter. 

Each kit includes complete hardware, as well as a bottom pipe, but it doesn’t include a zippered panel. If your portable garage has a triple zipper front door, you’ll need two roll-up door kits so you can install one on each side. 

A roll-up door kit can make it easy to move things in and out of a portable garage, regardless of the weather. Since all the parts are weather-resistant, you won’t have to worry about the door freezing or rusting and getting jammed. 

Find a Storage Shelter That Suits Your Needs

Every homeowner and business owner has a unique set of needs. That’s why Shelters of America offers portable storage buildings in a wide range of sizes and styles. We sell everything from small shelters that can fit a motorcycle or some boxes to buildings that can store multiple vehicles. We even offer portable garages that are tall enough to accommodate an RV.

Before you select a shelter, think carefully about what you intend to store inside it so you can pick the right size. Plan ahead so you’ll be prepared if your needs change in the future. If you think you might acquire another vehicle or additional equipment, it can make sense to buy a bigger shelter than you currently need so you won’t have to buy another storage building later. 

Make sure you’ll have enough space for a portable garage. You’ll need a level area with plenty of clearance. That’s particularly important if you plan to use a portable garage to store one or more vehicles.

Once you’ve identified your needs and figured out which size shelter will work best for you, look through our selection of portable garages. Compare colors and other features, such as roll-up door kits, choose the shelter that’s right for you, then place your order.