The seasonal storage of a recreational vehicle can cost anywhere from $30 up to $100 or more per month, depending on where the owner lives and which features they must pay for along with their storage. For example, in some states recreational vehicle owners might want continuous, thermostat-controlled storage. For most recreational vehicle owners, this is not a very cost effective way to spend their money. When it comes to seasonal storage of a recreational vehicle, the best tip is to purchase a large metal shelter.

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Lower Long-Term Costs

In twelve months' time, assuming that the owner of the recreational vehicle was spending $100.00 per month for a temperature controlled storage space, the cost of carport begins to pay off. In the long run, installing a carport to store a large boat, a camper, a coach bus, or recreational vehicle is going to be more cost effective than renting a storage space.

For example, the 42Wx96Lx17H 12.5oz Storage Building is ideal for storing large pieces of farming equipment, commercial tractors or large bales of hay. This building comes with 8 foot wide solid white SolarGuard Skylight, which is built so that it allows sunlight in but not those pesky and harmful ultraviolet rays. The cover and skylight come with a fifteen year manufacturer's warranty. The cover attaches to frame with heavy duty ratchet system as opposed to some bargain-basement poly rope lacing. The attractive front panel is made with the finest 26 gauge, 14Wx14H steel roll-up door with a custom chain hoist.

Multipurpose Structures

When considering whether or not to purchase storage building, one of the last elements to keep in mind is that enclosed storage buildings are multipurpose structures. Aside from being used to store hay or to protect farm equipment from harsh rain, they can also be used to provide as short term shelters for horses that might need some shade or they can be used to temporarily store recently harvested fruits and vegetables.