Spring is a great time of year to enjoy the outdoors. There are some many activities planned for outdoors during this season.

Yet spring weather can also be unpredictable. Setting up outdoor plans should be done with contingency plans in mind. If you have a spring outdoor event, you have to think about the possibility of wet weather.

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This is why portable canopies are so great for spring activities. You should consider a portable canopy or party tent for activities ranging from wedding receptions to graduation parties.

These canopies and party tents come in several shapes and sizes. You can find canopy models that are around ten feet wide. This is the right size for small groups and gatherings. Safety is not compromised. Bigger tents and canopies are also available, some as big as 30 feet long by nine feet tall.

Regardless of size, choose a portable canopy that features steel tubing. A quality commercial canopy usually features a frame made with galvanized or powder-coated steel. The canopy or cover should be made of polyethylene. This will allow for protection against rain and the sun’s damaging UV rays. A party tent should also feature a polyurethane interior with double stitching.