If you want to heat your home by burning wood, proper storage is critical. Firewood burns best when it is seasoned and dry. A portable storage shelter from Shelters of America can provide protection from the elements for your firewood while allowing air to circulate around it, which will keep it dry.

Firewood should be kept off the ground. Leaving it on the ground allows moisture into it, which can cause it to rot. Place your firewood on wooden pallets or skids inside your portable storage shelter to protect it from moisture.

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Circulation is an important factor in seasoning firewood. Air should be able to circulate freely around your firewood. A firewood shed should be closed on three sides and open on the fourth to allow air to circulate. A sturdy roof will protect the firewood from rain and snow.

Peak style portable shelters are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and are ideal for storing firewood. They are built with 14-gauge Allied Gatorshield structural steel tubing with EZ-Lock slip fittings for easy construction. They come with both zippered and roll-up doors, which will allow you to leave one side open to provide air circulation to season your firewood.

Our utility sheds and storage buildings are constructed with galvanized steel frames for strength and durability. The UV-protected cover attaches to the frame with a heavy-duty ratchet system. The rear end panel can also be unzipped and opened in our utility sheds.

Portable shelters from Shelters of America are available in a variety of sizes. Choose the length, width, and height that are right to store your firewood. You should choose a portable shelter large enough to store enough wood to last you at least through the winter. Our shelters' durable frames and covers will protect your wood from the rain and snow so that you can enjoy the warmth of a fire all winter long.